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Wellness Programs
Health & beaty


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Wellness Screening

45 min | 150 EUR

How well are you, really? Discover what's happening within your body through our comprehensive wellness screening. This assessment provides insights into 40 key biomarkers related to your overall well-being. Our practitioner will interpret the results and help devise the next steps on your wellness journey. This is an opportunity to gain valuable knowledge.

Our named programs offer a general idea of what we cover, while the wellness screening enables us to fully customize the program to your specific needs and goals. Regardless of your chosen wellness path, we uphold the core principles of Eat With Six Senses, ensuring that the food is both nourishing and delightful. You'll depart feeling even better than when you arrived. Our programs can be adjusted for in-house guests staying for 3, 5, or 7 days.

Discover Yoga

For both beginners and those looking to improve, as there's a yogi in all of us! Explore a new form of mind-body movement to release stress, enhance flexibility, navigate uncertainty, and build a stronger self. Guided by our expert yogi, we blend private yoga sessions, guided meditation, and breathing exercises with signature massages and energy treatments.

Price Per Person/Couple

  • 3 Nights 1000/1780 EUR
  • 5 Nights 1450/2500 EUR
  • 7 Nights 2100/3650 EUR


  • Yoga Consultation (30 mins)
  • Personalized Yoga (60 mins)
  • Guided Meditation (45 mins)
  • Deep Tissue Massage (90 mins)
  • Movement Restoration (90 mins)
  • The Rock Journey (2 hrs)
  • Hot Stone Massage (90 mins) (Available only for 7 Nights package)

Yogic Sleep

Relax your body and mind through gentle yoga practice, achieve deep relaxation with yoga Nidra, and acquire practical techniques to create an ideal sleep environment.

Price Per Person/Couple

  • 3 Nights 900/1600 EUR
  • 5 Nights 1470/2550 EUR
  • 7 Nights 1850/3050 EUR


  • Yoga Consultation (30 mins)
  • Personalized Yoga (60 mins)
  • Guided Meditation (45 mins)
  • Holistic Massage (90 mins)
  • Relaxed Feet (60 mins)
  • Head Massage (60 mins) (Available only for 7 Nights package)
  • The Cave Journey (2 hrs)

Yogic Detox

Purify both body and mind through this ancient yet effective practice. Increase energy levels, enhance mental clarity, quiet the mind, and boost the immune system.

Price Per Person/Couple

  • 3 Nights 700/1190 EUR
  • 5 Nights 1400/2350 EUR
  • 7 Nights 2070/3500 EUR


  • Yoga Consultation (30 mins)
  • Personalized Yoga (60 mins)
  • Yogic Intestinal Cleanse (60 mins)
  • Detox Massage (90 mins)
  • Detox Vital (90 mins)
  • Holistic Massage (90 mins) (Available only for 5 Nights and 7 Nights packages)
  • Movement Restoration (90 mins) (Available only for 7 Nights package)


This multi-day journey is crafted to enhance your sleep quality. Collaborating one-on-one with a trained wellness expert, you'll create a personalized plan. It combines concrete data from our sleep tracker with a tailored schedule that includes dietary suggestions for sleep-promoting foods, Ayurvedic sleep science, yoga nidra, meditation, and spa treatments. This regimen retrains your body to fall asleep easily, enjoy restful sleep, and wake up full of vitality.

Price Per Person/Couple

  • 3 Nights 1160/2030 EUR
  • 5 Nights 1560/2760 EUR
  • 7 Nights 2070/3650 EUR


  • Wellness Screening
  • Sleep tracking throughout the day
  • Sleep tracking review
  • Holistic Massage (60 mins)
  • Private Activity: Yoga or Meditation
  • Head Massage (30 mins)
  • Welcome bag with sleep amenities
  • Program wrap-up


Cleanse your mind and body to enhance mental clarity, strengthen your immune system, and improve digestive function, all while enjoying a vibrant and colorful plate. We combine yogic cleansing techniques with low-intensity training, signature detox massages, invigorating scrubs, detoxifying body wraps, facials, and personalized wellness activities. A top-to-toe cleanse.

Price Per Person/Couple

  • 3 Nights 950/1600 EUR
  • 5 Nights 1590/2560 EUR
  • 7 Nights 2100/3425 EUR


  • Wellness Screening
  • Private Activity: Yoga/Meditation
  • Detox Massage (60 mins)
  • Detox Body Scrub and Wrap
  • Yogic Intestinal Cleanse
  • Private Sauna and Steam Bath
  • Program wrap-up

Wellness Days

Love Your Heart

1 Day | 675 EUR (Person)/1035 EUR (Couple)

A day for introspection, releasing old burdens, setting new intentions, and discovering how to connect with your heart and true purpose, igniting a deeper zest for life and meaning.

Mind Your Brain

1 Day | 780 EUR (Person)/1300 EUR (Couple)

This one-day program empowers you to care for and optimize your brain's functioning through ancient practices from yoga and meditation, complemented by modern techniques such as brain games, developmental drawings, and binaural beats.

Boost Your Immunity

1 Day | 750 EUR (Person)/1300 EUR (Couple)

Our one-day spa takeover is a fantastic immunity booster if you're feeling sluggish, under the weather, or fatigued due to a hectic period or a long-haul flight. Dedicate a day to disconnecting from the news and focusing solely on self-care.

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