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VICTRON - 12V/170Ah AGM Super Cycle Batt. (M8)
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Victron Energy 12V 170Ah AGM Super Cycle battery:

  • Suitable for high current discharge applications (inverters, thrusters, winches)
  • Exceptional 100% depth of discharge (DoD) performance, withstands at least 300 cycles
  • Smaller and lighter than standard deep cycle AGM batteries
  • Low internal resistance

Innovative battery:

  • Result of recent battery electrochemistry developments
  • Positive plate paste less sensitive to softening
  • New additives reduce sulfation in deep discharge

Consider Victron Energy Battery Sense for accurate charge-voltage measurement at battery bank terminals, avoiding voltage-loss errors due to cable resistance.


  • Brand: Victron Energy
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Battery Capacity (C20): 170Ah
  • Cold Cranking: 600CCA
  • Terminal Type: M8 Insert
  • Terminal Layout: Left Hand Positive
  • Dimensions (Including Terminals): L336 x W172 x H280mm
  • Weight: 45Kg
  • Battery Technology: AGM
  • Battery Application: Dual Purpose

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