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Jun 5, 2023

KOEK Super App

Our project was born in Seychelles from a need! While small, Seychelles is still a country of over 100,000 inhabitants. There is a need for local e-commerce, not Amazon or some Dubai-based website. We all crave for technology to simplify our lives! The kind of technology that helps us find things when we need them! The products and services around us, close to us.

The mission of KOEK Super App is to bring modern digital experiences to the Islands of Seychelles!

The idea is simple! We want to create a digital shopping mall. We imagine it a lot like the Dubai Mall but for e-commerce and in Seychelles.

With a few differences, of course:

  • all the businesses of Seychelles must be represented, not only the richest ones!
  • all the products and services are listed with high quality photos and actual prices
  • the main goal is to help people find local products at a fair price, not make them waste all their savings

Is it really needed?

For sure! It is much craved for by both the tourists that visit and the locals that live here.

It is year 2023 at the time of writing and the bigger countries have the opposite problem: too many websites, apps and technology as a whole! However, we are in Seychelles and things are different.

Our extensive research proves that most of the local businesses feel the need for digital presence. That is illustrated by the following facts:

  • many businesses already have a website or ask about how to get one
  • a lot of companies have a Facebook page, Instagram profile or other social media that is actively promoted and maintained
  • some companies have set up on-line shops where things can be bought

Given the fact that the number of businesses is growing, we might be on the right track!

"Others tried and failed. Why KOEK?"

Our project is led by people with unique set of skills. We know how to build the sort of websites that exist in much larger economies. The technical level that is only possible in much larger markets with huge investments worth millions.

We are building the project in Seychelles and we tailor to the local!