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Sep 4, 2023


This document provides concise information on the functionalities that the KOEK platform offers and how these functionalities can be useful in conducting your business and promoting your products and services. At the core of these functionalities is the ability to publish information that your clients, consumers, and the general public can access. Some of the specific types of information you can publish include the following:

Company Description

KOEK lets you publish a comprehensive description of your company. Here you can provide relevant information that your clients find useful including your company history, mission and vision, values, and products and services among others.


KOEK also lets you upload photos into your page. This means you can include photos of your products or, in the case of specialized industries like real estate, listings of properties for rent, lease, or sale. Our photo function lets your customers readily see what you offer them.

Products and Services

Our platform also lets you build a digital storefront by letting you create product lists. Each product you list is fully editable, allowing you to indicate the name, price, and stock along with any other pertinent information.

Contact Details, Locations, Company Website, and Social Media Presence

KOEK also allows you to not only post your contact details and locations but also link your page to your company website and social media accounts. Our platform has a dedicated space where you can post links to your business’s pages on major social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn.


KOEK also hosts files that customers can securely view and download. This function enables you to upload digital copies of files including the following: Product lists (e.g., catalogues, brochures, price lists, menus for cafes and restaurants, etc.) Promotional materials (e.g., posters, pamphlets, announcements, etc.) Company documents (e.g., reports, application forms, booklets, etc.)

Career Opportunities

KOEK is not only a platform for getting word about your products and services out; it is also a place for you to connect with potential employees and talents. Our platform has a dedicated job market that lets you post job openings.


Our platform also enables you to build an active blog, which offers you several advantages. For one, your blog can be an extension of your company profile, allowing you to share relevant information about your business and its offerings. A blog also lets you publish SEO articles, thus enabling you to expand your reach. Finally, the blog can also be a place where you can share news and updates about your company and operations.