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Morning fishing - 4 hour trip

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Fishing Trip Praslin (Start At 7am & End At 11am)

Head out offshore a range of 12 miles from Praslin to selected afternoon fishing locations. Our experienced crew have a hunting eye on the Seychelles ocean for any activity of birds flocking on the surface indicating potential activity hotspots. The main Fishing technique is trolling, whereby the boat speeds at 7 knots, armed with 5 Shimano reels and rods and lines out around 50m behind the boat.

We troll mostly artificial surface lures, divers and a combination of fresh bait, targeting some of the fiercest Saltwater top water predators. There is unmatched adrenaline rush of a reel screaming with a 20kg wahoo or tuna running and peeling line out.

Our crew assists in the hooking and handling of catch either released or kept.

Average time to reach fishing location is around 30 mins cruising speed 18 knots with spectacular sightseeing of Praslin coastlines and neighboring islands.

It is advisable to be well prepared with UV shirts, hats, sunglasses and sunscreen.

The Indian ocean is a rich warm current ocean with occasional sighting of spectacular animals such as dolphins, turtles, whale sharks, flying fish and a variety of seabirds hunting alongside us.

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Имя судна :«Djab Lawval»

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€715.00 per boat (4 pax)
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€715.00 per boat (4 pax)