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The University of Seychelles, recognized as UniSey, is a rapidly expanding center of knowledge in the Indian Ocean and a crucial collaborator in the journey of Seychelles towards becoming a knowledge-based society.
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The University of Seychelles, known as UniSey, is a rapidly growing institution that serves as a prominent knowledge hub in the Indian Ocean. It plays a vital role in transforming Seychelles into a knowledge-based society. With a vision to become a recognized knowledge hub in the region, UniSey aims to be the university of choice for local, regional, and international students. Its mission is to advance knowledge, foster excellence in teaching and research, promote a culture of discovery and innovation, and build the human resource capacity necessary to achieve Seychelles' development goals.

The Anse Royale campus serves as the primary location for the majority of the full-time degree programs offered by UniSey. It provides a conducive environment for students pursuing their undergraduate and postgraduate studies, enabling them to engage in comprehensive academic programs.

Employability-Focused Programs for a Competitive Edge

UniSey offers a diverse range of programs and courses that are specifically designed and delivered with employability in mind. Many of the degree programs are directly awarded by the University of London, ensuring that graduates hold qualifications that meet stringent international standards and provide a competitive advantage in the job market.

Expert Faculty and Research Opportunities

At UniSey, students are taught by highly qualified and accomplished academics from Seychelles and overseas universities. They benefit from the expertise, international experience, and latest research findings of their lecturers. The university places a strong emphasis on research, with key areas of focus including the Blue Economy, Indian Ocean languages and cultures, environmental science, and education in small island states.

Comprehensive Facilities to Support Learning and Development

Library Services for Access to Educational Materials

UniSey libraries provide registered students, staff, and external users with access to a wide range of educational resources, both in electronic and non-electronic formats.

Information Technology (IT) Support

UniSey offers core technical services such as application management, email, internet access, website support, and software and license management. The university is also a Microsoft IT Academy Centre, providing training on Microsoft IT professional, developer, and Office technologies to students and educators.

Catering Services for Campus Community

Catering services are available on all UniSey campuses, providing students and staff with convenient dining options. The main cafeteria at Anse Royale is being refurbished to meet the needs of the community, while Ma Joie offers an attractive seating arrangement with a bonus view of Victoria. Mont Fleuri students can utilize the facilities of the adjoining Institute of Education.

Campus Facilities for Hire

UniSey offers the rental of its campus facilities, including the theatre, classrooms, Student Union Hall, conference room, and computer laboratory, to the general public. These spaces provide a suitable venue for various events and activities.

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