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Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

We value, respect, and actively protect our clients’ privacy and confidentiality. This Privacy Policy is therefore intended to inform our clients regarding how we process data including how we collect,store, utilize, and safeguard such information. This Privacy Policy also informs our clients of their rights with regard to how their information is processed.

“Client” refers to an individual who avails of our services through our website. “Personal Information” refers to information that could identify an individual. Personal Information may include the Client’s name, contact information such as the mobile number and email address, and billing details and financial information necessary for transactions among others. “Non-Identifying Information” refers to information that does not identify an individual such as zip code, demographic data, and order details.

Collecting Personal Information and Non-Identifying Information from clients is an essential part of our daily business operations. We use this information in order to meet our clients’ needs as well as continually enhance the efficiency of our operations and the quality of our services.

2. Personal Information

Collecting information from a Client through our website is necessary in order for us to effectively provide services. This information may include both Personal Information (e.g., name, email address, mobile number) and Non-Identifying Information (e.g. zip code and order details).

3. Identity Verification

There may be instances when we collect Personal Information for the purposes of validating your identity or adhering to legal requirements. Such instances may involve the requisition of documents such as billing statements or valid identification.

4. How we use personal information

The information we collect and store is utilized in the provision of services that our clients avail and pay for. Such information may be used for the following specific purposes:

  1. Providing the products and services the Client has availed;
  2. Providing services intended to meet the Client’s specific needs;
  3. Providing answers to the Client’s questions regarding our services;
  4. Responding to any concerns and complaints the Client may bring to our attention;
  5. Processing the Client’s orders and facilitating any related transactions;
  6. Performing research and data analysis intended to enhance our services;
  7. Complying with other duties and obligations as mandated by law;
  8. Any other purpose for which the Client has given consent.


  1. When the Client has consented;
  2. Utilizing information is a requisite to upholding a contract to which the Client agreed;
  3. Complying with legal duties and obligations as mandated by law;
  4. Utilizing information for satisfying legitimate business interests;
  5. Utilizing the information in protecting the interests of a Client or another individual.

5. Accessing, Correcting, and Downloading Personal Information

The Client has the right to know what Personal Information and Non-Identifying Information we collect, store, and utilize, except in cases where exceptions apply. Information will be made available to the Client at no cost. Information we process can be viewed on the Client’s account as well as downloaded by the Client upon request. The Client also has the right to correct or update information. Customer support services will be made available in cases where the Client requires assistance in accessing, downloading, correcting, or updating Personal Information.

6. Exercising Client’s Other Rights

The client has other rights relevant to our processing of Client information, although there may be limitations to this right. Other rights the Client has included but are not limited to the following:

  1. Request for human review of automated processing of information;
  2. Choose to not participate in or be the recipient of direct marketing (e.g., updates, newsletters, etc.);
  3. Deletion of information;
  4. Temporary restriction of the processing.

Deletion: Some Personal Information cannot be deleted from the system if they are essential to maintaining contracts, documenting transactions, and safeguarding other individuals’ rights. Non-Identifying Information that can be used alongside Personal Information to identify individuals can be deleted or anonymized as necessary.

Temporary Restriction to Processing: There are instances the Client may request for temporary restriction to the processing of information. These include but are not limited to situations where the Client believes that the Personal Information is inaccurate or that there are no legal grounds for processing such information. The Client can contact us for such matters and relevant concerns.

7. Policy updates

This Privacy Policy is continually reviewed and updated in response to changes in laws and as well as part of upholding our commitment to safeguarding our clients’ privacy and confidentiality. The Client will be duly informed each time updates are made. Availing our services after updates have been made will be regarded as an indication of the Client’s consent to such updates. We, therefore, advise the Client to occasionally review this policy to remain informed. Prior versions of the policies will be made available to the Client.