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Grow your business with KOEK

You run a small or medium-size business and want to get more customers through the Internet. You think having a website will help?

The truth is that traditional business websites do not make sense any more!

Here is why it really sucks to run your own business website:

  • Upfront cost to design and build the website
  • Disappointing result: a website may look good but is slow and vulnerable to hackers
  • Fixed maintenance costs (domain registration, SSL certificate, web hosting)
  • Have to pay an IT guy all the time
  • Photos, files and content are hard to manage
  • Promoting the website is expensive - the website does not promote itself and makes no sense without paying Google or Facebook!

Facebook page is not enough

On paper, a Facebook page may look like a solution. But it is not.

Here is why:

  • Although the page is free, you have to do it all yourself or pay an agency to maintain it
  • Only accessible to Facebook users
  • Totally lacks in business features and functionality
  • Does not look like a website
  • You cannot display enough information about your business
  • Hard to get any followers without paying Facebook

KOEK is the only answer!

What is KOEK?

  • It gives you an instant website that is maintenance free and is fast & secure
  • It is done for you!
  • Liaise with your buyers using the built-in messaging and notification capabilities
  • Automate invoicing and book-keeping
Online presence for your business1
  • Website
    • A private web address for your business, i.e. https://electric-motion.koek.sc
    • Company logo
    • Background image (to make your website unique)
    • Information about your company («About Us» page)
    • Your business phone number
    • Your business address and location on the map
    • Photo gallery (photos of your office, your team, your premises, production facilities, equipment, clients, etc.)
    • Other cool features (in development)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) out of the box
    • Your unique keywords you want to rank for
    • All titles and descriptions
    • Social media sharing tools
Your products catalogue2
  • Products
    • Easy-to-use UI to add your products list
    • A special tool to upload and optimise your product photos
    • Mass import of products from Excel
  • Promotions
    • A listing that promotes a special offer or has special value to the buyer
    • Great for most businesses (retail or service provider)
    • Currently in development
  • Events
    • A listing that promotes an event organised by your business
    • Currently in development
Sales automation:3
  • Shopping cart
    • Buyers can place products in a cart & check out
    • Payment is settled with you directly
    • Multiple currencies are supported
  • Communication with the buyer
    • Built-in messaging system in your merchant account
    • Other cool features (currently in development)
  • Instant Notifications
    • Both buyer and merchant receive order status updates
    • by Email
    • by SMS
    • via Whatsapp
  • Automated invoicing
  • Orders history
  • Access to information about the buyer (to prevent buyer fraud)
    • Name
    • Verified mobile number
    • E-mail address
    • Location
    • Reviews and history of previous transactions on the platform

Why shoppers lovekoék

  • people
    The platform is unique and built for Seychelles
  • protect
    The website is designed and built by a team of highly-skilled software engineers
  • search
    It is easy to find the good businesses and products near you
  • island
    Buyers can save time and money.


The platform will charge a «success fee» (only for successful orders) that will depend on the industry of the business. Those are to cover transactional costs, customer support and all round platform support and possibly turn a small profit for the developers.