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Get your Seychelles business listed on KOEK and reach more local buyers!

KOEK is a website that helps both tourists and locals to discover your business on the Internet.

We are the Communication Platform that brings all those valuable clients directly to you, without the middlemen.


A few words about KOEK

  • KOEK is a system that gives you a Smart Website out-of-the-box that you can share with your clients immediately
  • The Smart Website is fast & secure and looks awesome. It has all the information about your company including your products, services, job vacancies, promotions and more.
  • Your Smart Website is listed on the KOEK Map and in various categories on KOEK
  • The buyers find your website and come to you directly, avoiding the middlemen!
  • people
    The platform is unique and built for Seychelles
  • protect
    The website is designed and built by a team of highly-skilled software engineers
  • search
    KOEK makes it easy to find services and products in Seychelles
  • island
    People will buy more from local sellers and order less from overseas